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Digital Carpenter is currently working on developing a fresh new website, in the mean time please find the nuts and bolts of what we do here.

We would also love to hear your thoughts on software developers so we can ensure we are doing all we can to make your lives easier: https://digitalcarpenter.typeform.com/to/Wlf0Jo


Digital Carpenter uses the lean start-up methodology (LSM) to quickly build software applications, delivering cost-effective,  customer validated and profit generating products for our clients.

We work in tight-knit agile teams comprised of customer specialists and coders who have a history of working together. Our teams understand how to leverage each-others strengths, work quickly and deliver superior software applications.


We apply the LSM cycle in reverse to all our clients’ projects.

1) Learn – You have an idea, we help you create a minimum viable product and then we test your hypothesis with your users.

2) Measure – Together we identify patterns in user testing data. Is your idea validated by your customers? The key is to keep talking to users until patterns emerge.

3) Build – Repeat the cycle of learn and measure until a clear scope of work is defined. Our team will then begin work on building a prototype, to be continuously tested and validated by users.

We do not waste your time or money building products or features users do not need. 


Digital Carpenter has built an array of software applications for clients, from process automation, to systems integration and developing world first products - problem solving is at the core of what we do. Our experience spans:

  • Payment systems (PinPayments, Stripe)
  • Identity verification platforms (Government document verification service, VixVerify)
  • Business systems integration (Salesforce, Outlook)
  • Communication platforms (Twilio, Intercom)
  • Digital Contracts (DocuSign)
  • API development

If you would like to talk to us about your idea or a business problem we can help you solve, contact chris@digitalcarpenter.com.au or give us a call on 0402 352 491.