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New Features

Dynamic Element Text in Doculicious

Version 3.5 of Doculicious, our online tool to help anyone create fillable pdf forms, was released a few weeks ago, and in addition to some performance enhancements a great new feature was added which we are calling "Dynamic Element Text". Basically, this lets you display the text value from a field in your form elsewhere in the final PDF. So if you ask for someones First Name and Last Name on page 1 of the form, you can then show those values later in your final PDF, without having to ask the user to fill them in on every page you need them. Details on how to use this feature can be found here on the Documentation site.

We also made many performance enhancements in this release, which will give improvements across most functions of Doculicious, but especially the entries page when viewing report of your data and for deleting data from your entries or trash. The PDF upload conversion tool has been tweaked to create nicer looking templates from uploaded PDF files. Previously the text could look a little jaggy, but now it is very smooth and looks much nicer. 

Enhanced page movement features in Doculicious

We've had a lot of requests from users for more advanced functions for adding pages to templates in Doculicious, our tool to help anyone make web generated PDF files, so we thought we'd add these in the latest release. Previously you could only add new pages at the end of a template, but now we've added the ability to add pages anywhere, as well as move pages around to anywhere within the template too. The new interface looks like this:


The page column lists all the pages in your template. You can click on this link to change to that page for editing. Clicking on the red (x) will delete the page. Be careful with this feature, as you cannot get a deleted page back. To move pages you can choose the new page number in the dropdown. So to make page 3 the first page, you sould choose "to Page 1" in the drop down next to page 3 and then click the move button. This would move page 3 to page 1, and push page 1 and 2 down so that they would become page 2 and 3.

Doculicious 3.1 - Custom emails, validation and more

Another release of our web form and PDF builder - Doculicious 3.1. It's late and I'm tired, so not going to write much, but I created a new doculicious form that explains it all. The biggest change is the Custom Emails. Now you can use fields in your form to determine who gets an email with the PDF attached. Either let people type in their email address (doculicious will validate it too) or use a drop down list to determine who gets an email (or both. Yes, you can set 2 custom email options for each form). Great for when you need to send the form to different people within your company depending on some chosen field.

So, here's the sample form. If you want to see the final PDF, make sure you put in your email address and click one of the new submit buttons (which are another great feature . use your own images and turn off our default submit buttons if you don't like them). Enough talk. Sleep.

Doculicious adds required fields and radio buttons

Doculicious, our online application that lets you generate a PDF file from a webform now lets you flag fields as required, and has a new field type, the Radio Button.