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Doculicious update 3.0

This weekend we completed testing on the new version of  Doculicious, our PDF web form creator and have released it to the production site. This version is the 3rd major revision of the site, and includes a few visible changes, but also a lot of internal changes that are required for the continuing updates that will be released this year.

The visible updates released this weekend are a PDF form upload and conversion function, which allows users to upload an existing PDF form with fields, and have it converted into a Doculicious web form, ready to be used for gathering information almost straight away (depending on the original form :) I'm hugely excited about this feature, and have been playing with it for days. It's great to get a PDF file with a bunch of fields and have it automatically converted into a web form using Doculicious. It feels almost magical ... (even though I know the amount of work that went into making it happen). I'll be writing a post just on this feature with some details on how you can use it to convert your existing PDF forms to be web enabled.

The second update includes a new validation framework which saw alot of work going on in the background to allow future additions. The visible part of this release is Numeric validation for text fields and List options for text fields, allowing drop down list entry.

We plan a bunch of releases this year, and here's a teaser of some of the things we have on the drawing board:

  1. Nicer editing within the Template Workshop with things like snap to grid and multiple selection and editing of elements.
  2. Numeric calculations on text elements.
  3. Updates to the form display, including submission buttons and page controls at the bottom of forms.
  4. Ability for users to come back and edit forms before submission via the use of a password and unique URL for thier form entry.
  5. Routing of email notifications based on a list field within the template.
  6. File uploads as data within a template.

I'll try to expand on these in future blog posts.

New website and Blog

We've just launched our new website for Digital Carpenter Pty Ltd. The old site ended up being more of a blog and had less information about the company and what we do, so this change was very much in need. This blog will also become the main channel for announcing new features for our online fillable PDF generator, Doculicous. I've got alot plans for a couple of big releases to add some much needed and asked for functionality to Doculicious, and am pretty excited to get back into it.